0202 CD/Tee Bundle

The Rubens


0202 - the fourth album from The Rubens, will be released on Friday 12 February 2021. Cementing their status as a band that continues to evolve as songwriters and push the boundaries of alternative rock/pop, 0202 – featuring recent singles ‘Live In Life’, ‘Heavy Weather’ & current single ‘Time Of My Life’ – is an exciting new chapter for The Rubens and a celebration of the five-piece at their creative peak. Long gone are the blues rock-isms that shot them to fame back in 2012; the band have created a sound that easily dances across genres – alt-rock, rnb, pop and hip hop all collide into something uniquely their own. The seeds to this transformation were planted in previous record, 2018’s LO LA RU, an album which saw the band begin to dabble in more contemporary rnb sounds and textures. But what was hinted at on LO LA RU is fully realised on 0202, with the Sydney-based five-piece picking up what they started and running headlong with it into the future. With 0202 the band have fully transformed into an alt-rock/pop powerhouse and produced an album that will have people re-evaluating what they thought they knew about The Rubens.

  1. Masterpiece 
  2. Heavy Weather
  3. Live In Life
  4. Time Of My Life
  5. Thank You
  6. Muddy Evil Pain
  7. Holiday
  8. Explosions
  9. State Of My Mind
  10. Apple
  11. Back To Back
  12. Party
0202 CD/Tee Bundle by The Rubens